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ES-SDA European Solar Shading Database

To support the EU Qualicheck project that is designed to provide accurate data for construction products, the European Solar Shading Organisation (ES-SO) has developed a database of solar shading materials. This database includes independently validated performance data of blind fabrics, materials and complete products to European standards so comparison between blind types and materials is simple, secure and validated.

Manufacturers' data is now being submitted for inclusion and will be added as the peer review process is completed.


Kunena Latest

    • R & T Stuttgart 2018
    • More technology, more knowledge, more networking at R+T Stuttgart, that is what the Leading World Trade Fair for roller shutters, doors/gates and solar shading systems, displayed and offered to the business trade from 27th February till 3rd March this year. For the third time ES-SO had at R+T its experts’ and workshop meetings. This time the ES-SO workshop was held on Thursday 1st March 2018 in the Atrium. Professionals interested in shading news and tools for the industry and building professionals attended the workshop where a number of new ideas and ES-SO projects were presented. ES-SO workshop: “ Smart solar shading as innovative concept for energy savings and healthy comfort in low energy buildings” was the key element with the following featuring as well: ES-SO Smart Solar Shading Campaign with deliverables for the business (Peter Winters and Anders Hall) ES-SDA, The European Solar Shading Database and the ESBO simulation tool (Dave Bush and Per Sahlin) What news on CEN Standards for shading and shutters (Hervé Lamy and Tilmann Kuhn) Outcomes of the Energy Balance Hauser study (Wilhelm Hachtel) (D/E)
    • 11 months 6 days ago

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